How well do you lead?

UpLevel Your Leadership. Experience the Shift.

You’re seeking …

… what other women have that you don’t seem to.

…  ways to get it all done and still have time for yourself.

… ways to keep the family bonds close.

… ways to accelerate your career in the midst of being pulled in too many directions.

Combining your career pursuits and honoring caregiving needs is hard. It’s tricky to navigate through it gracefully. I believe it’s not only possible, but imperative to live a fulfilling life. And so do you. UpLeveling your leadership is a framework of leaning in, listening, and getting real about what is hard.

Coaching is a process to identify that which blocks you from what you want to achieve (goals), it’s a process of confidentially partnering with someone to get to the core of a what makes you tick. Together we’ll explore new tools and develop new ways of leading that bring about extraordinary and sustainable results.


Welcome! I’m Molly Duteau, CPC, ELI-MP, an entrepreneur, writer, speaker and coach who is passionate about serving women who seek the adventures of living a multidimensional life; from building a fulfilling and satisfying career or business to integrating a personal life and caregiving roles.

I work with determined women who are committed in developing their best selves, to make real impact by adopting new ways of thinking and lead like never before.

UpLevel Leadership, LLC was born from my personal journey.


Coaching can mean different things depending on the context. Certified life coaches all follow a similar framework of partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative way that inspires them to be their best self. The most important aspect is what can a coach do for you.

  • Coaching is an energetic discipline designed to motivate and inspire people to achieve success and fulfillment.
  • Coaches ask questions to clarify goals and identify obstacles/patterns in order to create action plans to achieve desired results.
  • Coaches ‘develop’ clients to become more effective in their lives whereas therapists ‘help’ patients understand the root causes so that healing can take place.
  • Client has the answers and sets the agenda. You know you best and coaching is our expertise.
  • Provokes thoughtful perspectives to consider with the intent of shifting the client into new ways of thinking/being.


Explore and Reflect  

First, let’s chat! We want to learn about you, what it is you want to achieve, what is preventing you from achieving it, and what you have in mind for the coaching journey. You will spend some time taking account of where you are (in an life journey sort of way) and work through some questions to create some clarity around your intentions. All of this helps us get focused to “hit the ground running” and gives us an idea of what you’re envisioning.

Discover and Identify

Now that we have a clear direction and we’ve co-created the relationship, we’ll dig deeper to get to the core of what’s going on and how it relates to your goals. Having someone else to reflect back to you from a different perspective allows for clarity on your next steps. Things may come up along the way. We help you to stay focused to transcend to your new way of being and success.

Pivot and Celebrate

Having a bigger picture and vision of your destination gives you the inspiration to do the work to get there. A coach will invite you to be that better version of yourself you always knew you could be. With each success, you build momentum and create new patterns.


  • Brenda S./Portland, Maine
    Molly was great to work with. I was continually impressed by her coaching skills and ways of getting me to move beyond my status-quo and challenging my current ways of thinking. Coaching was such a great experience and I highly recommend Molly for other women who are navigating their way through the career/caregiver complexities.
  • Marie-Louise D./United Kingdom
    Molly is a very astute coach. She works to keep you fully committed to your coaching goals but in a very flexible and supportive way. She subtly enables you to gain real clarity around what may be getting in the way of you reaching your goals. I would happily recommend Molly as a coach.
  • Megan W./Geneva, Switzerland
    Having outwardly achieved "success" in my professional and personal life, I was still struggling to find fulfillment. Molly was a great coach, taking the big life questions I was grappling with and breaking them down into manageable steps. In addition to her non-judgmental and gentle manner, she has a comprehensive arsenal of tools that really empowered me to navigate a pivotal moment in my life. I highly recommend Molly!